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National measures of GDPR asap. Why are we late again?

On Monday, August 26, 2019, the new law on personal data was passed by the Greek Parliament. This is an important legislative text with a dual content. First, special measures were adopted to implement EU Regulation 2016/679, also known as the GDPR. Secondly, EU Directive 2016/680 on the processing of personal data by law enforcement authorities...

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The “arsenal” of GDPR. What are our rights?

The frequent violation of personal data legislation in Greece is still, unfortunately, an unpleasant reality. It occurs, inter alia, when: a) a debt collection company is persistently calling on a mobile phone, without disclosing its exact details or where it found the phone number, b) an email address receives promotional emails...

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Aimilios Koronaios | Attorney at Law | 2024