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Cookies Policy


What are cookies;

Cookies are small files in a text form, which are stored on the user’s device when visiting the website. By using them, the website is able to store useful information concerning the user’s browsing therein, as well as to use this information to offer the user a unified browsing experience.

What cookies does the website use?

Absolutely necessary cookies

We use the absolutely necessary cookies for the effective operation of the website. The absolutely necessary cookies are essential for the proper operation of the website and allow you to browse and use its functions. Without these cookies, the website cannot operate effectively. The absolutely necessary cookies do not require your consent and they are always activated.

In particular, we use:



We use WPML to manage local settings. Read more.

Data sharing

This Data is not shared with third parties.





1 day

Stores language settings


What are your rights and where can you find more information about protecting your privacy?

For more information on the protection of your Personal Data, and also on your rights, see our Privacy Policy which is also published on the website.

Where can you find more information about the general use of cookies?

More information on the general use of cookies can be found at and

 Last update: 3/02/2022.

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